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oNCASCADEGUICASUAL's Automated Scripting Action Development Environment GUI
oNCASPACkagerCASUAL Packaged Action Container (CASPAC) packager
oNCASUALCross-platform Android Scripting, and Unified Auxilliary Loader
|oNarchivingCASUAL archiving format support
||\NlibpitLibpit provides a set of utilities for working with pit files
|oNcaspacCASPAC format handler
|oNcommunicationstoolsUnifies adb, fastboot, heimdall and more
||oNadbTools to work with ADB
|||oNbusyboxTools to work with busybox on a device using ADB
|||\NtwrpTools to work with TWRP over ADB
||oNfastbootTools to work with fastboot
||\NheimdallTools to work with Heimdall
|| oNdriversTools to install drivers for Heimdall
|| \NodinTools to work with Odin files using Heimdall
|oNcryptoCryptographic handling in CASUAL
|oNGUIGUI holds various GUIs for CASUAL use
|oNinstrumentationOptional instrumentation package
|oNlanguageLanguage interface methods of CASUAL
||\NcommandsInterperates casual language
|oNmiscGeneral purpose classes created for CASUAL
|\NnetworkingNetwork functions for CASUAL
| oNCASUALDevIntegrationProvides integration with
| \NCFAutorootProvides integration with
| \NCommitDescriptionCreates a Google Plus formatted post from information provided to Jenkins. If the job was started by a non-Source Code Modification, the output will be blank. This way it is possible to detect weather or not it is a SCM change or a manual build
 oNCommandLineProvides a command line UI
 oNdevelopmentDevelopment UI is the main/traditional CASUAL UI
 \NtestingTesting UI provides a quick UI for use in testing