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CASPACkager.PackagerMain Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 PackagerMain ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void main (final String[] args)
static File doPackaging (String[] args)

Protected Attributes

String userOutputDir = ""

Detailed Description

PackagerMain packages a CASPAC into a CASUAL and provides a method of modifying a CASPAC on the fly as a part of packaging.

Jeremy Loper
Logan Ludington loglu.nosp@m.d@lo.nosp@m.gatec.nosp@m.h.or.nosp@m.g

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CASPACkager.PackagerMain.PackagerMain ( )

instantiates Packager

Member Function Documentation

static void CASPACkager.PackagerMain.main ( final String[]  args)

Packages a CASPAC into a CASUAL.

argsinput from command line where args can be the following: –CASPAC || -c "/path_to/CASPAC.*" specifies the path to the CASPAC eg "--CASPAC C:/mycaspac.CASPAC". –output || -o "/path_to/OutputCASUAL.jar" specifies an output file name. –type || -t "words to be appended before jar" appends words to the end of the filename eg "--type nightly" results: CASPAC-CASUALr327-nightly.jar.

–fullauto || -f "/path_to_CASPAC_Folder/" Creates a folder in the specified fullauto path called "CASUAL". Generates new CASUAL.jar files based upon each CASPAC name in the full auto folder eg "--fullauto /path/to/folder" will process all CASPACs in the folder and output to /path/to/folder/CASUAL/. May be used with –type. cannot be used with –output or –CASPAC arguments.

Member Data Documentation

String CASPACkager.PackagerMain.userOutputDir = ""

output directory for package

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