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CASUAL.CASUALScriptParser Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void loadFileAndExecute (Caspac caspac, boolean multiThreaded)
String executeOneShotCommand (String Line) throws Exception
void executeSelectedScript (final Caspac caspac, boolean startThreaded, final CASUALSessionData data)

Static Public Member Functions

static void setReturnValue (String value)
static String getReturnValue ()

Public Attributes

int LinesInScript = 0
DataInputStream scriptInput

Static Public Attributes

static final String NEWLINE = ";;;"

Detailed Description

Parses and prepares CASUAL Script for CASUAL Language interperater.

Adam Outler

Member Function Documentation

String CASUAL.CASUALScriptParser.executeOneShotCommand ( String  Line) throws Exception

provides a way to insert a line of CASUAL script.

Lineline to execute
from CASUAL language
java.lang.Exceptionon any problem
void CASUAL.CASUALScriptParser.executeSelectedScript ( final Caspac  caspac,
boolean  startThreaded,
final CASUALSessionData  data 

executes the Active Script in the provided CASPAC

caspacCASPAC to have script executed
startThreadedtrue if it is to be started on a new thread.
dataCASUALSessionData to be used for this execution
void CASUAL.CASUALScriptParser.loadFileAndExecute ( Caspac  caspac,
boolean  multiThreaded 

executes a CASUAL script from a file

caspacCaspac used for the script
multiThreadedfalse executes on main thread

Member Data Documentation

int CASUAL.CASUALScriptParser.LinesInScript = 0

If true, script will continue. False to shutdown.

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