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CASUAL.CASUALStartupTasks Class Reference

Static Public Attributes

static MandatoryThread startGUI = new MandatoryThread()
static MandatoryThread caspacPrepLock = new MandatoryThread()
static MandatoryThread scriptRunLock = new MandatoryThread()
static MandatoryThread startADB
static boolean lockGUIformPrep = true
static boolean lockGUIunzip = true
static boolean caspacScriptPrepLock = true

Detailed Description

CASUALStartupTasks provides a place for storage of sequential and static items

Adam Outler

Member Data Documentation

MandatoryThread CASUAL.CASUALStartupTasks.caspacPrepLock = new MandatoryThread()

preparation state of the CASPAC. This is alive during the time the CASPAC is being prepared.

boolean CASUAL.CASUALStartupTasks.caspacScriptPrepLock = true

is true while CASPAC is preparing a script.

boolean CASUAL.CASUALStartupTasks.lockGUIformPrep = true

Lock representing the GUI preparation. This is alive while the form is preparing itself.

boolean CASUAL.CASUALStartupTasks.lockGUIunzip = true

Lock representing the unzip phase of the CASPAC. This is alive during CASPACpreparation unzip and goes dead when information is available for the GUI. This is basically PrepCASAPC, but does not include unzip of resources.

MandatoryThread CASUAL.CASUALStartupTasks.scriptRunLock = new MandatoryThread()

Script is run from this object script. this is alive when script is running.

MandatoryThread CASUAL.CASUALStartupTasks.startADB
Initial value:
= new MandatoryThread(new Runnable() {
public void run() {
new ADBTools().startServer();
Log.level3Verbose("ADB Server Started!!!");

ADB is started from this object. monitoring of the state of ADB starting can be monitored here. This is alive while ADB is being deployed and the server is started.

MandatoryThread CASUAL.CASUALStartupTasks.startGUI = new MandatoryThread()

Thread representing the Graphical User Interface.

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