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CASUAL.ShellTest Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void setUp ()
void tearDown ()
void testElevateSimpleCommandWithMessage ()
void testElevateSimpleCommand ()
void testSendShellCommand ()
void testSendShellCommandIgnoreError ()
void testSilentShellCommand ()
void testLiveShellCommand ()
void testTimeoutShellCommand ()
void testSilentTimeoutShellCommand ()
void testTimeoutValueCheckingShellCommand () throws IOException

Static Public Member Functions

static void setUpClass ()
static void tearDownClass ()

Detailed Description


Member Function Documentation

void CASUAL.ShellTest.testElevateSimpleCommand ( )

Test of elevateSimpleCommand method, of class Shell.

void CASUAL.ShellTest.testElevateSimpleCommandWithMessage ( )

Test of elevateSimpleCommandWithMessage method, of class Shell.

void CASUAL.ShellTest.testLiveShellCommand ( )

Test of liveShellCommand method, of class Shell.

void CASUAL.ShellTest.testSendShellCommand ( )

Test of sendShellCommand method, of class Shell.

void CASUAL.ShellTest.testSendShellCommandIgnoreError ( )

Test of sendShellCommandIgnoreError method, of class Shell.

void CASUAL.ShellTest.testSilentShellCommand ( )

Test of silentShellCommand method, of class Shell.

void CASUAL.ShellTest.testSilentTimeoutShellCommand ( )

Test of silentTimeoutShellCommand method, of class Shell.

void CASUAL.ShellTest.testTimeoutShellCommand ( )

Test of timeoutShellCommand method, of class Shell.

void CASUAL.ShellTest.testTimeoutValueCheckingShellCommand ( ) throws IOException

Test of timeoutShellCommandWithWatchdog method, of class Shell.


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